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Iranian Journal of Entomological Research


Vol. 6, No.3, Autumn. 2014 (Successive Issue: 23)


 1- Compatibility and study effect of some insecticides and essential oils with entomopathogenic fungus, Lecanicillium longisporum in laboratory condition

       O. Panahi, M. Ghane Jahromi A. Loni

     Abstract  - Full paper (in Persian)


 2- Sublethal effects of some plant extracts and imidachloprid on life table parameters of Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

     M. Pirmohammadi, K. Mahdian, M. A. Samih, Sh. Shahidi-Noghabi

     Abstract  - Full paper (in Persian)


 3- Comparison of efficiency of yellow and blue sticky traps on leaf miner Agromyza sp. (Dip., Agromyzidae) catching in chickpea in Khomeyn region

    S. Changizi, Sh. Goldasteh, R. Vafaei Shoushtari, M. Changizi, S. S. Modares Najafabadi

     Abstract  - Full paper (in Persian)


4- Application of push-pull strategy to control the carob moth, Ectomyelois ceratoniae Zell. and it,s optimization in pomegranate orchards

      M. Khalilipour roknabady, M. A. Samih, A. Jafari nodoshen

     Abstract  - Full paper (in Persian)


5- Investigation on some biological parameters of the tumbleweed moth Euxoa agricola Boisduval, (Lep. Noctuidae)

   K. Saeidi

    Abstract  - Full paper (in Persian)


6- Repellent effect of Coconut soap (Palizin) against Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) and Lasioderma serricorne (F.) using three laboratory methods

    R. Sadeghi

     Abstract  - Full paper (in Persian)


7- Preliminary study of oribatid mites(Acari: oribatida) in Assaluyeh and Lengeh ports, Iran

     M. Alikhani, T. Arkani, H. Hashemzadeh, R. Vafaei Shooshtari

     Abstract  - Full paper (in Persian)


8- Study of fauna ladybirds (Col., Coccinellidae) on pastures  Astragalus adscendes (Fabaceae) in Lorestan province

     M. Tavakoli, A. Ansari pour, A. Pirhadi, F. Pirozi

     Abstract  - Full paper (in Persian)



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