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    Iranian Journal of Entomological Research of Islamic Azad University (IJERIAU) is an international research journal published quarterly for the purpose of advancing the scientific studies. The subjects covered by IJERIAU include all aspects of entomology and acarology.

    Authors should submit manuscripts documenting original research that has not previosly been published or submitted for publication towards publication as full paper, review article and research note. The source of any data included in a manuscript which were not collected as part part of the current study must be clearly cited in the legend of the table or illustration reporting such data.

    The Papers are published in English and Farsi languages. IJERIAU is published under the auspices of the Islamic Azad University of Arak.

     No.24  published !!!

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  Vol. 6, 2014-2015 (No.21, No.22, No.23, No.24)




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